COP 26 Day #1: Big Statements

  • The children who will judge us are not yet born
  • Canada warming up faster than the rest of the world
  • Lifeboat for humanity
  • We have the ideas, the technology and the bankers
  • Diffuse that bomb
  • ‘e pala ma’a ae lē pala upu’. It means that even stones decay, but words remain
  • 6 hottest years on record from the last COP
  • Either we stop it or it stops us
  • Climate action army
  • Create financial and technological Conditions to accelerate decarbonization
  • How do we pull the private sector together
  • Map out in very practical terms what it will take to make the transition
  • Each sector needs a clear strategy
  • Help finance the transition efforts so that the financial risk is reduced
  • If we can develop a pipeline of many more sustainable and bankable projects at a greater scale it will attract greater investment
  • Confidence without the goal posts moving
  • Trillions of dollars in support of transition
  • Find practical ways of overcoming differences
  • The stability we all depend on is breaking
  • Those who have done the least are being the hardest hit
  • New industrial revolution powered by millions of sustainable innovations
  • We will all share in the benefits affordable clear energy, clean air, healthy food to sustain us all
  • Our motivation should not be fear but hope



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Karel Kotoun

Karel Kotoun

Financial Services & Entrepreneur